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During the production of plastic components waste material can occur. This waste remains a high-quality product suitable for recycling but often disposed of and put into landfill. One (sensible) option is the reprocessing of this waste into new raw materials for future use. SEP’s recycling loop in partnership with Rochling ensures plastic waste is recovered responsibly.

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Order your Planet Bags from SEP by calling 01476 574 476 or request them from

Planet bags are supplied flat and easy to store, we aim to dispatch your bag the same working day. Please remember to segregate your waste, you may need more than one bag. Bags are charged at £6 each.

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Take your time to ensure you are separating your waste by colour and material type. We are only able to recycle PE, PP, PA, POM, PVDF, PEEK.

Please download our do’s & don’ts here Please download our do’s & don’ts here WHAT CAN I RECYCLE?

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When you are ready for us to take it away, book a collection with our sales team by calling 01476 574 476 or request a collection by emailing

One of our drivers will then be scheduled in to collect your waste for recycling.


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