Propylux HS

PROPYLUX® HS products deliver the required attributes for orthopedic applications including biocompatibility, chemical resistance and dimensional stability. It also offers superior dimensional stability performance when processed through repeated 134°C Prion autoclaving cycles, and has been designed to be the most cost effective solution on the market. The material provides excellent chemical resistance to disinfecting and cleaning solutions and exhibits a very good balance of strength, toughness and ductility. Its superior dimensional stability gives it excellent resistance to acids and alkalis, and makes it easy to machine and mark with lasers. PPH MG also conforms to FDA, UPS Class VI & ISO 10993 and is sterilisable in autoclave. The product line consists of 15 standard colors and 13 diameters. Additional colours can be developed and either made as standard or kept exclusive to you. Similarly, custom diameters are available upon request. All colored materials are made with FDA compliant ingredients and the shaped rods have been tested and comply with key parts of ISO 10993. You can find out more information about PET downloadable PDF below. Download PDF

Typical areas of application include:

  • trial heads and cups for hip implants,
  • knee provisional trials
  • impactor applications.
PROPYLUX HS consists of 15 colours and 11 standard diameter. All coloured materials are made with FDA complaint ingredients and the rods have been tested and comply with the key parts of ISO 10993.
  • Coloured PROPYLUX® HS rods are compliant with key parts of ISO 10993 and FDA Master File listed.
  • PROPYLUX® HS can be repeatedly steam sterilized at either 134°C/18 min or 121°C/30 min with no major shift in dimensional stability or color fading.
  • PROPYLUX® HS offers excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including acidic and alkaline solutions.
  • PROPYLUX® HS maintains its excellent dimensional stability at 50 autoclave cycles.
  • All PROPYLUX® HS colours are suitable for laser engraving.
  • PROPYLUX® HS is easily machined into intricate parts with complex designs.

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